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PestNow's Commercial Division

We specialize in servicing Apartments, Condos, Restaurants, Office buildings, and many more complex structures.

Roaches and mice will have a devastating impact if not addressed quickly!

Rodents, mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, birds, bats, and many more pests are attracted to commercial properties. They will have a devastating impact if not addressed quickly and controlled in a professional and safe approach.

We take Commercial Pest Control seriously and only employ highly trained, responsible, and knowledgeable individuals.

Our professionals understand the importance of safely applying the products needed to provide the best service possible for you and your clients.

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PestNow Commercial Services

Let PestNow take control of your rodent problems!

Commercial Rodent Control

Rodent control is a major issue for small Business owners. Rats and mice have the ability to transfer diseases, contaminate food, and cause structural damage. They are smart creatures who easily avoid the store bought control products. They are also accomplished chewers known for gnawing their way through barriers purchased at your local hardware store. In the US alone, mice and rats have caused over $20 billion in damage a year in local businesses and homes.

Mice and Rats can really affect your bottom line. Mice and Rats can be very evasive and very destructive. PestNow can design a successful treatment plan for any business. PestNow controls the infestation from the ground up - from the outside to the inside. Let our inspectors design a treatment and control program for your business.

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Let PestNow take control of your bedbug problems!

Commercial Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are often thought to only be present because of poor sanitation in a dwelling. However, the most common way is for a friend, relative or homeowner to visit an infected area and transport them back to the residence. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers.

PestNow Technicians are the best in the industry in identifying and treating these complex issues. PestNow uses the most effective treatment on the market that doesn't push the insects to neighboring units. Our unbeatable response time is second to none. With our service programs, comes FREE bed bug, move out, and transfer inspections whenever needed! No trip fees or inspections fees like the other guys.

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Let PestNow take control of your termite problems!

Commercial Termite Treatment

Our Termite inspectors are trained to identify and prescribe effective treatments designed to limit interruption to your business. We will conduct a free inspection and provide you with a successful treatment plan that comes with our legendary warranty.

Termites can really impact the bottom line of any small business, causing extensive repairs and loss of business due to disruption.

Termites feed year-round, constantly adapt, and cause havoc when not expected. Termites are rarely seen until the damage is too far gone.

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Let PestNow take control of your mosquito problems!

Commercial Mosquito treatment

PestNow YardGuard instantly begins to kill mosquito larvae and adults and begins the critical process of establishing a protective barrier around your business. Our treatment is applied around all active areas such as patios, seating areas, playgrounds, paths, exercise areas, anywhere your customers or employees may be affected by the annoyance of mosquitoes. Don't be fooled by the other guys. Rain will not affect the treatment nearly as much as the sun! UV rays diminish the potency of the treatment more than anything. This is why a monthly treatment program is vital.

PestNow can even provide a one time only treatment for any outdoor company functions, parties and or gatherings.

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Let PestNow take control of your spider problems!

Commercial Spider Treatment

Who likes spiders? Do you have unwanted 8 legged critters around the office or on your ceiling and floorboards? No worry, PestNow has safe interior treatment for your business. Our spider treatment also treats for those little annoying ants, centipedes, millipedes, and crickets.

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PestNow provide treatments to rid your facility of roaches!

Roach Infestation Treatment

Cockroaches are one of the most common commercial pests in the world. They're not only the most common, but one of the most difficult. Scientists say, cockroaches can survive nuclear exposure... making them extremely hard to eliminate. However with PestNow, we have treatment guaranteed to take care of any roach issues you have.

The three most common cockroaches in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area are the German, Oriental, and American. Different roaches can be attracted to your business for different reasons. Our Inspectors are trained to identify the type of roach you are dealing with and have the appropriate treatment planned for successful control of the infestation.

Why are Roaches in your business? Its very simple, they are in search of food, water and shelter. Roaches multiply quickly posing a health threat to your customers and employees. Roaches are known to carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies and skin rashes. Once an infestation starts, they can also create a foul odor.

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PestNow can remove all your unwanted wildlife pests!

Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Damage and Control

PestNow offers professional wildlife removal, prevention, and control. Our certified wildlife inspectors will come to your business or home, provide a free inspection, and affordable treatment, removal, and exclusion.

Are you experiencing a wildlife issue with a squirrel, raccoon, bird, fox, skunk, groundhog, or any other wildlife? PestNow can take the appropriate measure to solve the problem quickly, efficiently and under a reasonable budget.

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PestNow can take control of your Squirrel problems!

Commercial Squirrel Removal and Trapping & Exclusion

Squirrels love to nest inside ceilings, attics, roofs, soffits. Squirrels can leave dangerous ectoparasitic disease in your business structure. PestNow can inspect, trap, and remove these unwanted guests and secure the property to prevent future entry.

Squirrels can eat their way through walls, ceilings, insulation, electrical, and hvac wires. Inspections are always at no cost with no commitment.

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PestNow provide Bird Removal services!

Commercial Bird Removal and Exclusion

Birds... we all love to hear them on a beautiful day - but who wants them?!

Protect your customers and employees from the diseases and ectoparasites carried by birds. PestNow holds the permits necessary for bird removal and prevention. PestNow can remove the nesting, then treat the area for ectoparasitic organisms and install screening to prevent further infestation and intrusion.

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PestNow offers Property Management Program!

Commercial Property Management Assistance Program

PestNow offers one-time, no-contract, set-rate treatments that fit in any property management budget. Treatments are carefully designed to provide and maintain a suitable environment that will minimize the exposure of clients, residents, and employees to pest infestations in your building. This system of inspections and treatments will deliver professional pest control service that is cost effective and performed in a manner to minimize inconvenience and odor.

Finally, we provide complete documentation on each service so that management has information on areas treated, sanitation problems, infestation identified, and products used. This information is important to long term program planning, billing certification, and problem solving in the building.

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Office Locations

Virginia Offices:

Corporate Headquarters
22395 Powers Court
Sterling, VA 20166

Fredericksburg & Richmond VA
17041 Merchants Drive
Ruther Glen VA 22546

Prince William County
8144 Flannery Court
Manassas, VA 20109

Winchester Area
114 Ashley Drive
Winchester, VA 22602

Maryland Offices:

Prince Georges County
14100 Brandywine Rd
Brandywine, MD 20613

Montgomery County
9639 Doctor Perry Road #121N
Ijamsville, MD 21754

Baltimore Area
9 Gwynns Mill Court Unit I
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Crofton Area
2138 Priest Bridge Court, Suite 3
Crofton, MD 21114

West Virginia Office:

West Virginia Area
205 Starry Way Drive
Stephenson, VA 22656

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