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What Does T.A.P. Stand For?

TAP offers THERMAL insulation T for TAP


Keeps home warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer.

TAP offers Acoustic insulation A in TAP


Reduces sound.

TAP offers Pest Control insulation P in TAP

Pest Control

An EPA labeled pest control product that helps control all listed insects.

TAP Pest Control Insulation
TAP Pest Control Insulation Energy Star Rating

What is TAP?

A New Generation of Pest Control!
Ridding your home of pests and insulating your home just got easier!

T·A·P saves money by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, decreasing the cost of your energy bills.

Not only does T·A·P out-perform older, more common insulation, it also provides an added benefit that other insulation does not: A Permanent Layer of Pest Protection!

Insects LOVE to hide in ordinary insulation behind walls and in attics - they come out to feed when the lights are off! So how do we help prevent these pests? PestNow can utilize T·A·P Pest Control Insulation, which is infused with a pesticide grade boric acid that kills insects like ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and termites, helping to prevent these pests from infesting these areas of your home.

Also, because T·A·P is blown in to form a soft, dense blanket in your attic, it reduces annoying outside noise and makes your home more quiet and peaceful.

How Does Your House Measure Up?

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So What Are the Benefits for Using TAP?

Heating and Cooling loss due to insufficient insulation is a major problem for most homeowners, TAP solves this problem.

✓ T·A·P Kills Bugs

T·A·P is treated with pesticide grade borates to control ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites and other pests.

✓ Saves Money

T·A·P reduces energy bills and helps keep homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

✓ The Quiet Life

T·A·P reduces outside noise and helps make your home a quiet, peaceful haven.

✓ T·A·P is Green!

T·A·P is made from all natural ingredients with an 85% recycled content.

✓ Fire Safety

The borates in T·A·P also act as a superior fire retardant to limit the spread of fire.

Summer & Winter Problems Can Mean Heating & Cooling Losses

In addition to providing harborage to a variety of pests, an alarming number of attics across America are seriously under insulated. During the summer and winter months, your home goes through the "invisible problem", heat transfer, allowing heat to escape and enter your home through your attic. Without proper insulation, energy is wasted, heating and cooling bills are higher and homes can be very uncomfortable.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

U.S. Department of Energy Recommended R-Value by Region

TAP Pest Control Insulation R-Value
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Just How Does TAP Kill Pests?

Self-grooming insects such as ants, cockroaches, and silverfish get the specially formulated borates on their bodies when they crawl through T·A·P Pest Control Insulation and ingest the borates when grooming themselves.

Unlike humans and pets (who have livers), these insects have no way to filter the borates out of their systems. The borates build up in the insects gut, causing starvation and resulting in a permanent pest control solution.

What's Happening in Your Attic?

What's in Your Attic?

Is TAP Insulation Safe?

What is T·A·P made of?

T·A·P is made from a select recycled paper and a pesticide grade 100% pure boric acid that controls insects. Boric acid is a low toxicity mineral salt mined from the earth that is commonly used in swimming pools, as a laundry detergent, in anti-fungal creams, and in cosmetics - it's nature's pesticide!

T·A·P is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is acceptable for use around humans and pets.

Is T·A·P a fire hazard?

No! T·A·P contains a fire retardant that prevents the product from burning. T·A·P meets and is tested in accordance with strict federal fire safety standards. When a flame is introduced to the product, it forms a charred surface barrier that actually limits the spread of fire.

How is it installed?

Does T·A·P fit into the wall like rolled fiberglass? No! T·A·P forms a PERFECT fit, filling in nooks & crannies in your walls and attic. Rolled insulation is cut & stuffed into the cavity, leaving gaps & reducing R-value.

TAP, with its EPA labeled borate formula, conforms to all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards and meets or exceeds federal requirements for building product safety. Therefore mold, corrosion, and fire safety should not be a concern.

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